ThredUp Benefits

If you are looking for a way to make your life easier, consider joining the ThredUp benefits program. This includes benefits such as remote job opportunities and flexible work arrangements. In addition, you may be eligible for free life and AD&D insurance up to one times your annual salary.

Life and AD&D insurance up to 1 times your annual salary

ThredUp has a number of insurance products to choose from, and you can select from a number of plans and insurers that will cater to your needs and budget. Whether you are looking for a life and disability plan, health or dental coverage, or are interested in purchasing a policy for a spouse, children or pets, ThredUp will provide a solution. Upon your acceptance into the program, you will be automatically enrolled into ThredUp’s 401K plan and short-term disability benefits, in addition to other employee benefits.

You’ll also be privy to a variety of free benefits, like membership to One Medical, a San Francisco-based provider of high-quality primary care and dental services. If you’re looking for a little extra health care pizazz, you can subscribe to a Cigna plan.

Flexible work arrangements

Flexible work arrangements are agreements between an employer and employee that allow the employee to have flexibility in the hours of work. This can benefit both the employee and the employer. However, there are some things to consider before adopting a flexible work schedule.

Employees will be less likely to miss work if they have a flexible schedule. Also, businesses will benefit from less overhead costs. Aside from allowing employees to schedule their work around their lives, a flexible work schedule can also boost employee satisfaction.

Employers with flexible policies must comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which sets rules on minimum wages, recordkeeping, and overtime. Although employers may not have to pay overtime, they still have to track and report time for employees who do not meet their standard hourly rate.

RaaS offerings

The resale-as-a-service (RaaS) business model is one of the most popular among a variety of retailers. It enables them to offer secondhand shopping experiences while leveraging their existing brands.

RaaS partners typically receive a percentage of the monthly sales from their sellers. In addition, they can co-brand with thredUP. Currently, thredUP has partnerships with 21 retailers.

ThredUp’s RaaS offerings are designed to allow brands to power scalable secondhand shopping experiences. These partnerships also help drive traffic to the ThredUp site.

Brands can plug into thredUP’s white label resale-as-a-service, which allows them to reach new customers. Through its customized resale experience, they are able to reach a broader audience, boost conversion rates and grow their customer base.

According to Wells Fargo analysts, the resale-as-a-service business model has robust margins. They estimate the EBITDA for the business will reach more than $50 million by 2025.

Shop Her Closet series

If you’re into fashion you’ve probably heard of thredUP. It’s a company that allows you to buy and sell secondhand clothes. You can choose to keep what you want or return it for a refund. The site also has a semi-annual sale.

thredUP’s Shop Her Closet series is a way for celebrities and notable individuals to contribute to the greater good. While it’s not yet clear which celebs will be donating their closets, Lindsay Lohan has already jumped on board. She will be selling her wardrobe from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor.

The site is also making it easy for you to clean out your own closets. They’ll take multiple bags of clothing and turn them into cash for a charitable organization of your choice.