SmartRent Benefits That Drive Your Business Forward

SmartRent provides property owners, managers, and developers with software and hardware solutions that enable them to manage their communities remotely.

Initially, SmartRent’s team worked out of spreadsheets and Google docs. Eventually, the company adopted Salesforce Field Service (SFS).

SFS organized SmartRent’s field technician processes and made it easy for field technicians to access information. It also helped eliminate hours of manual paperwork, increasing efficiencies throughout the company.

Increased Resale Value

SmartRent provides enterprise-grade, cloud-based solutions that enable owners and operators to holistically manage smart devices across all their residential assets.

The company’s technology allows owners to transform their communities into connected digital communities, meeting resident demand for smart devices and boosting profitability.

As a result, SmartRent has established robust relationships with leading multifamily residential owners and operators.

The company’s technology enables them to provide a wide range of services, including smart locks, doorbells, video intercom, and automated maintenance notifications. They also offer other amenities that are aimed at improving the lives of tenants, such as smart home management tools and smart thermostats.

Increased Efficiency

Whether it’s a better resident experience that leads to faster rental close rates, longer lease terms and higher retention, or a more efficient operation that adds to your NOI, smartrent benefits help you drive your business forward.

Using a cellular-connected home automation solution, property managers gain complete visibility into their assets and streamline operations while providing residents with an experience that is more convenient, secure and future-oriented. This helps owners and operators save on maintenance costs, reduce energy consumption, and protect their built assets.

Founded in 2017, SmartRent is an enterprise smart home automation platform company. Its solution provides property management and renters with seamless visibility and control over their assets while delivering additional revenue opportunities through all-in-one home control offerings.

Increased Convenience

Convenience is a key driver for consumers in this digital age. They want fast, streamlined shopping experiences that make their lives easier.

Despite the high demand for convenience, many retailers are still struggling to meet this demand. As a result, many retailers have been focusing on improving their operations to increase customer satisfaction.

SmartRent brings locks, lights, thermostats and sensors into one enterprise platform to help property managers deliver more delightful resident experiences while adding operational efficiency.

The cellular-connected SmartRent solution also provides asset protection and allows residents to remotely control their devices with a tenant app. In the event of a leak, for example, property managers can delegate a service manager to fix it quickly before it becomes a costly and damaging disaster.

Increased Security

Smart locks are an ideal solution for multifamily properties because they allow residents to enter their homes with a simple tap. They also offer perimeter access control and can be paired with other smart devices to facilitate automated move-ins and move-outs.

In addition to providing peace of mind, smart locks can be a great way to attract new renters. Many people prefer to live in a building with technology that helps keep them safe and secure.

When choosing a smart home technology company, it’s important to do your research. You want to find a company that offers secure solutions and a strong privacy policy.

Increased Rent Income

Renters are increasingly willing to pay more for a home that has smart locks, electronic access, and other digital amenities. Adding these features improves the resident experience, which results in faster rental close rates, longer lease terms and higher retention.

In order to deliver these enhanced experiences, property managers need an enterprise-grade smart building technology solution that integrates locks, lights, thermostats, sensors, and access control systems. It also delivers significant operational efficiencies and cost savings, enabling property managers to better serve residents.

SmartRent is a company that focuses on delivering these benefits to property owners and property management companies. It has a large customer base that includes multifamily properties, single-family rentals and new development properties.