Metromile Benefits

Metromile offers a variety of benefits to low-mileage drivers. These include perks such as pet insurance, roadside assistance, and repair options for small cracks in your windshield.

It also features a handy driving app that helps track your routes and decodes check engine lights to avoid trips to the dealership. Plus, it can alert you to city-specific street-sweeping and parking reminders.

1. Convenience

Metromile is a pay-per-mile auto insurance company that offers convenient benefits to drivers who don’t drive much. This type of coverage is popular among rideshare drivers who aren’t able to afford traditional auto insurance.

The company charges users a monthly base rate and a per-mile rate that is usually around five cents per mile. Those who use the service typically save money, according to a survey of new customers conducted in 2018.

The company tracks your mileage using a device that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port. It also sends a raft of other data that can help you stay safe while on the road.

2. Flexibility

Metromile offers flexible insurance benefits, such as an easy-to-use app, smart driving features and complimentary roadside assistance. It also gives drivers a variety of discounts for low-mileage driving, including up to 15% off their Metromile quotes when they participate in Ride Along(tm) in select states.

A key part of Metromile’s business model is a rate-per-mile approach to insurance. Instead of using standard rating factors like age, gender and marital status, it looks at individual data.

Engineers at Metromile release updates to their app as frequently as every week, and get immediate feedback from users — which keeps them motivated. This speed and efficiency is crucial to their success as a technology startup, Swapnali said.

3. Convenience

Metromile offers a number of benefits for drivers that are looking for pay-per-mile car insurance. These include an affordable base rate that only charges for the miles you drive, 24/7 customer service and a mobile app that allows you to track your mileage and bill at any time.

One of the most convenient aspects of the company’s services is its automated claims process. When you make a claim, data captured by the company’s Pulse dongle and mobile app is used to verify the claim instantly and without waiting on a claims adjuster.

While this technology is impressive, the company’s customer service is not without its flaws. It received more than five times as many complaints as expected for an insurer of its size, according to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

4. Flexibility

Metromile offers a variety of benefits, including a flexible pay-per-mile car insurance plan. This is ideal for drivers who don’t commute daily, but still want a low base rate on their coverage.

Unlike traditional auto insurance, which is based on statistical studies of historical data, Metromile uses technology and observed driving to price car insurance rates down to the mile for each driver.

The company also offers smart driving features and automated claims.

As an employee at Metromile, you’ll work in a fast-paced environment with plenty of opportunity for growth and learning new things every day. You’ll help build the next generation of digital insurance, while supporting a culture that values diversity and inclusivity.

5. Convenience

Pay-per-mile auto insurance offers an affordable alternative to traditional car insurance for drivers who drive fewer miles per year. It’s ideal for college students, retirees, and people who don’t commute on a daily basis.

Metromile is currently available in eight states: Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington. Drivers in these states can get a quote for coverage through the company’s website or mobile app.

The company offers a free Ride Along feature, which lets you test out the service to see your expected monthly bill before buying. If you’re satisfied, you can purchase a policy and earn an additional discount on your rates.

Metromile’s use of usage-based pricing is unique in the industry and helps consumers save when they drive less. In fact, a recent survey of Metromile customers found that those who saved with the company averaged 47 percent a year.